The Best Chicken

The Best Chicken

Jan. 02, 2019
The Best Chicken
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Park Seon-ho isPark Choi Go
Park Choi Go
Kim So-hye isSeo Bo Ah
Seo Bo Ah
Joo Woo-Jae isAndrew Kang
Andrew Kang
Lee Seung-Hyub isPark Joon-Hyuk
Park Joon-Hyuk
Kim Seo Ra isSo O-Sook
So O-Sook
Son Min-Ji isHwang Min-A
Hwang Min-A
Jeong Seong-hwan isOh Young-Ho
Oh Young-Ho
Yang Hong-seok isBae Ki-Bum
Bae Ki-Bum

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One day, Park Choi Go (Park Sun Ho), decides to quit his job at a big company and open up his own chicken restaurant at what used to be a bathhouse. Seo Bo Ah (Kim So Hye), an aspiring webtoon writer who secludes herself in the bathhouse, can’t accept that the building she inherited from her grandfather is turning into a chicken restaurant. To take her inheritance back, she becomes Park Choi Go’s employee along with Andrew Kang (Joo Woo Jae), a once promising chef who is now homeless.

Can Park Choi Go become the ultimate chicken master and achieve his dream?

„The Best Chicken” is a 2018 Viki Original South Korean romantic comedy drama directed by Lee Seung Hoon.

The Best Chicken
Tytuł oryginalny 최고의 치킨
Data rozpoczęcia Jan. 02, 2019
Data zakończenia Jan. 10, 2019
Sezon 1
Odcinki 12
Czas trwania 65m

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